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Tongling Richeng textile printing and dyeing Co., LTD specializes in the production and sale of flax textile products. We are located in tongling, a historical city of flax production base.
Our company is a production-oriented enterprise of hemp products, with more than 400 employees, 120 large rapier looms and 80 large extra-wide rapier looms. Main products: pure flax, pure ramie, ramie cotton, viscidity, dyeing, yarn-dyed, printing, small jacquard. The company has a perfect team, including management, production, design, quality, sales, after-sales perfect system, committed to providing customers with excellent quality and first-class service. Products are exported to Europe, America, Hong Kong, Japan, Southeast Asia, is a number of international well-known brands the main supplier...

Wide Variety

Specializing in the production and sale of flax textile products enterprises. Pure flax, pure ramie, linseed cotton, sticky flax, flax silk hemp, products are exported to Europe, America, Hong Kong, Japan, Southeast Asia.

First-Class Quality

Products in line with the relevant standards of the production industry, with a professional quality control team, the delivery of goods before the site and pre-shipment inspection. Strive for perfection and pursue better guarantee.

First-Rate Service

Committed to providing one-stop integrity quality enterprise services, professional to meet enterprise needs or comprehensive solution needs, and has a professional after-sales service and guidance team to guide customers.


Custom product color and logo printing. Special specifications can be designed and produced according to customer requirements. Help to adjust the customer's design from concept to marketable products.
  • 2020-11-30

    [Industry News] Why linen farbirc is better than other fabrics ?

    Why is flax fiber better than other fabrics? Flax is the earliest natural plant fiber used by humans. It has a history of more than 10,000 years. Flax fiber is a rare natural fiber, accounting for only 1.5% of the total fiber. Because of its natural, ancient, noble and high quality, it is call

  • 2020-01-14

    [Company News] The most essential difference between low-end fabrics and luxury goods

    From the point of view of ordinary consumers and mass consumers, the difference between good fabric and ordinary fabric is not very obvious, especially from the appearance, it is more difficult to distinguish, such as polyester can also make the feeling of real silk, and ordinary people are unable to distinguish the difference between polyester imitation silk and real silk from the appearance.

  • 2020-01-14

    [Company News] Linen suit maintenance tips

    Green, natural, environmentally friendly and healthy linen is the interpretation of the attitude of leisure life, and build a harmonious life with flax, daily washing and maintenance is very important, can maintain its state in the years, for us to bring a comfortable, healthy, soft, comfortable life. This issue, xinshen · linen dreamers to introduce these aspects of knowledge to you.

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